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Our Mission

What is Raisin's mission?

Our mission is simple: Raisin wants the world to discover natural wine. We love natural wine for its real taste, but we deeply appreciate it for its respect of terroir, the environment, and the people behind it. Furthermore, we’ve found that natural wine happens to be a key indicator of where to find local, seasonal, organic, quality, and responsible products that target an ever-increasing number of consumers, who want good wine and food without chemicals.

As natural wine is neither a label nor a certification, finding such a unique product with certainty that it meets this standard is a struggle. Raisin is the natural wine app that steps in and recommends an index of over 5,000 natural wine establishments and 1,900 natural winemakers, analyzed by our team and guaranteeing natural wine around the world. To keep our promise of a 30% natural wine minimum at each Raisin location, we use an algorithm to assess the compliance of their natural wine list, double checked by our team of natural wine experts. Regarding winemakers, the team researches detailed information about their work in the vineyard and in the cellar in addition to receiving analyses for each of the wines they produce to ensure that grapes are always the only ingredient, and that these winemakers belong on the Raisin map. Our goal is to ensure that Raisin is your reliable tool for all things natural wine!

Raisin is interactive for both users and professionals alike while bringing together a community that supports a rapidly growing and important movement that is without a doubt, the future of wine!

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How are we funded?

➜ For the past 6 years, Raisin has supported small producers and local business owners, all over the world.

Venues subscribing to our services assure our independence and contribute to our sustainability, all while growing the influence of the natural wine movement and all it has to offer!

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What is natural wine?

A natural wine is made only with grapes and sometimes a little bit of sulfur, always respecting nature and people.

It's often organic and/or biodynamic in the vineyard, but goes beyond these certifications with nothing added in the cellar. The result is the taste of fermented fruit, a wine that reflects the winegrower and not a factory.

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